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Lightweight Coffeescript editor

KineticWing IDE makes it easy to create, design and edit modern CSS-based websites. Write the Coffeescript code manually or let the style sheet editor do it for you! It is easy because of the many awesome features such as auto complete, code inspector, Coffeescript checker and instant built-in multi-browser preview. KineticWing IDE is designed to save you time and make your job easier. What's new in 2014?

KineticWing IDE for working with Coffeescript code free Coffeescript editor represents the following abilities:

  • 1. Code highlighting
  • 2. Braces highlighting
  • 3. Code collapsing
  • 4. Saved state marker
  • 5. Intelligent Auto-complete

Code highlighting

That feature means Coffeescript syntax coloring.

Coffeescript highlighting

Braces highlighting

The Editor highlights braces in pairs when the cursor is placed between beginning and ending enclosing characters.

Coffeescript braces highlighting

Code collapsing

This feature allows hiding style properties you aren't working on to make navigation a little easier.
To collapse code fragment, click "-" marker in the gutter next to the line numbers.

Coffeescript Code Collapsing

Saved state marker

Can easily find recently saved area and can also see whether this is saved or not. Green is saved state. Red is unsaved state.

Coffeescript saved markers

Intelligent Auto-complete

Auto-complete feature "remembers" and lists in pop-up window style property names

Coffeescript saved markers

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