KiWI Smart, Lightweight and Portable IDE for faster and easier web development.

ChangeLog Very very brief.

Version Description
2.0.1 PHP Support
Flexible Workspace
   Split Workspaces
   File drag and drop
Complete File Manager
Improved Project manager
Improved editor
   Rewrite of syntax highlighting for major web languages
   Vertical Lines
   Automatic Tab detection
Many fixes in existing features
Improved completing
And many more
0.8.6 Python color highlighting enhanced,
ESC key exiting from Distraction mode
0.8.5 Now IDE is based on Qt5!!
Remember last used layout.
PHP double backslash bug fixed.
If symbol comes after $ then it is not variable.
QSS color and LESS color highlighting enhanced.
0.8.4 LESS editor is now fully ready!
0.8.3 Print support added.
PHP string fixes.
QSS comment fixes
0.8.2 Update notifier added
0.8.1 Smart backspace and autocomplete behaviour added
0.7.9 Zen Coding added
0.7.7 CoffeScript compiler added
0.7.6 Less compiler added
0.7.5 Flavours introduced
0.7.4 Session Management added
0.7.3 Project Management added
0.7.2 PHP support added
0.7.1 QSS support added
0.6.9 LESS, CSS3, HTML support added
0.6.8 KineticWing first alpha released

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