KineticWing IDE 0.8.9 Released!

Hello friends,

We’ve fixed all reported issues + internal testing team reported ones. We’re now much closer  towards stability.

PHP support inside scripts and css is not yet implemented and this will be our next major priority. Although we have done major work in bringing PHP support. We’ve also planned debugger but it will be in future milestone.

We’re hungry for your feedback and comments.


KiWi Team

2 thoughts on “KineticWing IDE 0.8.9 Released!

  1. Canry Lee

    Thanks for your jobs about this app.
    I am so glad to meet this application.
    When will it be stable?
    I want to try it now, but it’s a pity there is no debian packages for my OS.
    I hope you can make a debian package with amd64.
    If you did, It would be popular.

    Good wishes to you all.


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