KineticWing IDE 2.0 Invite Preview released

We have released 2.0 invitation Preview version.  At homepage enter your email and wait for your turn. We are manually selecting email ids and giving on FIFO(Queue) basis.

We will release public preview version in next month.

What’s New

  • PHP Support
  • Flexible Workspace : Split Workspaces, File drag and drop
  • Complete File Manager
  • Improved Project manager
  • Improved editor
    • Rewrite of syntax highlighting for major web languages
    • Vertical Lines
    • Automatic Tab detection
    • Many fixes in existing features
  • Improved completing
  • Locater
  • And many more

We will update this post for more detailed changes. We are very small team focused on bringing good product to world.

Product is totally free and will remain. We are continuously looking for funds, contributors. Help us.

- KineticWIng Team










KineticWing IDE 0.8.9 Released!

Hello friends,

We’ve fixed all reported issues + internal testing team reported ones. We’re now much closer  towards stability.

PHP support inside scripts and css is not yet implemented and this will be our next major priority. Although we have done major work in bringing PHP support. We’ve also planned debugger but it will be in future milestone.

We’re hungry for your feedback and comments.


KiWi Team

Brand new website

We’ve updated whole website and added more info.

  1. Homepage is almost updated again.
  2. Added Changelog,FAQ and lots of other pages
  3. Added API reference info
  4. New website is powered by Bootstrap and fuelphp

We would love to hear comments.

First public beta release

We are very happy to announce first public beta release of KineticWing. It almost took more than 1 year in development. It contains tons of really good features and best part it’s not even half of list which will be covered in upcoming months. Right it’s just a web editor with support CSS, HTML and QSS. Other programming languages support are in alpha so not yet released. As we already hinted about long features list.

Key Features:

  • Speed
  • Response
  • Portable
  • Cross platform (no mac intially but soon we will provide downloads)
  • Flavours
  • Universal interface with custom themes and also support for native look if you prefer that way

As this is in beta phase so you may find annoying bugs please report those so that no longer they can annoy you in any future releases.

We are open for all types of feedback. Please SHARE. We would love to hear from you.

Welcome to KineticWing IDE Blog

Hello!, you have reached the blog of KineticWing IDE. This is the new Integrated Development Environment for web developers that provides incredible HTML, JavaScript and CSS editing abilities, also bringing extended PHP support to those who need it.

If you have not yet downloaded a alpha version , please do so from the Download Section.

- KineticWing IDE Team