KiWI Smart, Lightweight and Portable IDE for faster and easier web development.

Supported API functions Under heavy development.

Develop your own feature in very simple and common programming language - JavaScript

API Function with parameter info Description
1 openFile (string filename)  
2 void saveFile (string filename, string content)  
3 string text (int index )  
4 string text (string filename)  
5 string text ()  
6 string selectedText()  
7 bool replaceSelectedText(string text, int pos = -1)  
8 bool appendText(string text, int pos = -1)  
9 void select(int type)  
10 string getInputText()  
11 int GetPos()  
12 int GetPosInBlock()  
13 bool StatusBarMessage(string msg, int time) Sets the message that appears in the status bar.
14 bool setErrorMessage(string msg) none Displays an error dialog to the user.
15 bool MessageBox(string msg) none Displays a message box to the user
16 bool QuestionBox(string msg) bool Displays a yes / no message box to the user, return True if they selected yes.
17 string GetClipboard() String Returns the contents of the clipboard.
18 bool SetClipboard(string content) none Sets the contents of the clipboard.
19 void Select (int from , int to)  
20 bool AppendContent (int pos) pos is optional ..if pos == -1 then it will work as append else like insert
21 string fileName()  

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